Competition in a business is a sign of potential. If you have competitors, it means the business has the ability to make profits. However, observing and analyzing your competitors’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses in business is very important to survive in a particular market.

This is where the Lemon Yellow Team comes into the picture. We help you:

Identify your competitors

Maybe you have no idea who your competitors are, or maybe you have no idea who else is in the game apart from that one other company. There is no need to worry as we will help you not only in finding them with tools such as SEMrush but also in helping you gaining an edge in the business

Analyze and compare contemporary content Research

Our job is to analyze and compare contemporary blogs, videos, podcasts, and presentations. After finding suitable content for analyzing we determine the quality of the content and how it compares to your current content, with the help of this we help you to stay in the game.

Analyze their SEO structure

We know how important SEO structure is for generating traffic and being on the top of Google searches for your company. We will not only analyze your competitors SEO structure but also the keywords they use in their content.

Study their social media integration

We analyze your competitors social media integration; we analyze the kind of data they post on the web, the social media sites they use to post their content, this will help your business to reach a greater audience as most of the people today are active on social media sites..

Discover areas of improvement

We now integrate all the information that we gathered earlier and find out your company’s weak zones and the areas that need improvement.

This will help you gain an insight into the way your competitor does business giving you an overview of what to draw inspiration from and what to discard.