In other words, information architecture (IA) is the creation of the structure for a website, application, or other project. This allows us to understand where we are as users and where the information we want is in relation to our position. Information architecture results in the creation of site maps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation, and Metadata. The main goal of IA is to help users find information and complete tasks with ease.

What we offer:


Our basic wireframes can do a lot more than just outlining the design layout of the website. It also allows us to understand how your content needs to be managed.

Site mapping

We provide you with information from sitemaps which helps you to quickly understand how different pages and contents relate to each other, which can further help in modifying the content effectively.

Information Architecture Designs

  • Top Down: We understand your strategy first and create a basic structure first. Then the content relations are refined more and more as the architecture of your site grows.
  • Bottom Up: Depending on the kind of site you want, we may first analyze your content and use your user’s personas to find out how your user will go through your site and tie it all together.

We have many jewels in our crown, right from, designing single product websites, e-commerce sites, blogs to high content user driven sites.