We at Lemon Yellow rely extensively on technology for gathering data and ensuring that our clients have a complete overview of the market. We have a rich experience in catering to clients from various fields. It is said that accurate information is the biggest tool of any successful venture, as it helps businesses figure out what type of market to place their product is in.

We offer a wide range of Qualitative and Quantitative Research services which will help your business to accurately target that segment of the market where your product is definite going to become a success. Combining market research with user experience enables us to work through your product lifecycle and help your customers get the best possible experience while using your products.

Mobile market research

We use techniques like SMS surveys, mobile ethnography, smartphone designed surveys to get an insight into potential users.

From data collection to data analysis

Analysing data has become much more difficult than gathering data, however we do that for you and use all of this data to finetune your product for your audience.

Observational research

We try to find out what your customers actually want. Many times users don’t know what they want until you show them. With the help of carefully designed observational analysis we actually help you understand what your users want.

Social media market research

Social media dominates the web and is completely going to revolutionize marketing. We at Lemon Yellow, understand this and use research from social media to best place your product in the current trends from the market.