The software architecture of a system or a collection of systems consist of all the important design decisions about the software structures and the interactions between those structures that comprise the systems. To design your amazing website, we follow a couple of simple patterns depending on the type of website you’re looking for:

Client Server Pattern

After designing your website, the server will provide all your components with all the relevant services that you can ask for. We use this pattern for online applications such as document sharing, emails, banking.

Master Slave Pattern

The master component will distribute work amongst identical slave components and it computes the final result. We use this for database replication.

Pipe Filter Pattern

We use this to structure systems which produce streams of data, used mainly for websites which have large streams of data like bioinformatics.

Peer to Peer Pattern

Individual components are known as peers; they can request services from other clients or also act as servers providing services to other peers. We use this pattern mainly for designing websites and applications which have multimedia protocols.

Blackboard Pattern

This pattern is useful for problems for which no deterministic solution strategies are known. This pattern is taken into consideration while designing applications related to speech recognition, vehicle tracking and identification.