If a product is not easy to use, it won’t be able to hold on to its users and they will shift to another product.

At Lemon Yellow, our prime objective is the ease and pleasurable use of products for the end user. Lemon Yellow focuses on usability testing so that the possibility of developing a wrong product for our clients is completely eliminated. We use 2 types of studies to perform the usability testing:

Comparative: We do this by comparing between 2 different designs to analyse and figure out which product would best satisfy the needs of your client.

Explorative: This type of study is done by giving the current users a number of realistic scenarios which helps us to identify gaps in the market and helps us design your product with even more accuracy.

A walk through this type of research:

Designing the product for testing

Once the product specifically meant for testing is designed, we design a test that anwers questions like, Is the product easy to use?, Is the product helping your users to solve problems?, how much time users are taking to complete tasks?

Finding appropriate participants

Finding the right kind of participants for your product testing is also upto us.

Design the test

We then design an appropriate test that will bring out the best in the product and also higlight the issues, so that they can be solved. All the time for which the testing is being conducted our researcher modeartes it so that he can present his findings later.

Presenting the findings

This is the last step we follow in usability testing, presenting our findings will help you to understand the initial issues in the product and collaborating with us will help you solve the issues.