A delightful experience that lasts, isn’t this we all want?

We at Lemon Yellow are committed to provide you with exactly this same experience. Users are merciless when it comes to telling their friends and family about a subpar product or service. There’s immense power in that, and you can harness this through proactive, positive user research. To say this simply we are a company that creates the best possible UX for your users.

In order to understand how to best serve your user, we do a simple analysis using a few techniques such as:

Card Sorting

We use this simple but effective technique to get a peek inside the minds of your users. We do this by writing words or phrases on cards, and then we ask the user to categorize them. This way we get a fair idea about how the user perceives the interface of your product.

Eye Movement Tracking

It is really useful to know where your users are looking while interacting with your system; this helps our designing team to prioritize content, like many of the other methods we employ this as a part of our amazing usability testing. Our clients love this step as it gives them a fair idea of how much more they need to invest in usability testing.

Field Studies

It’s all about going out and observing the users in their natural surroundings, this helps us understand, how and in what context users use your products. We love this as there is no other stronger form of research than observing your users.

User Personas

We create fictional representations of your ideal user which focuses on the characteristics that they have and the attitudes they will display. We create user personas for our design team as it helps them visualize an in depth portrait of your ideal user.