From the user's behaviours to needs and motivations we at Lemon Yellow understand the importance of User Experience. Through observation techniques, task analysis, we aim to improve the usability of products by incorporating experimental and observational research methods to guide the design, development, and refinement of all the products designed by us.

We provide user research to our clients so that they understand the requirements of their end user, which helps our design team to develop products that are pleasurable to use for the end users which in turn maximizes the profit of all our clients.

Within no time at all, you will be able to see the impact of our designs on your customers in terms of a positive feedback. We employ multiple cost effective user research techniques to understand what your end user needs so that we can give the user exactly what he needs.

Focus Groups

We encourage every person in a group to engage in a discussion about your product which is preplanned by our researcher, this way we understand the users' opinions and it helps us design the product with more efficiency.

Guerrilla Research

We identify your target audience, gather them and keep asking them questions, no leading questions about your product. Our researchers then observe them carefully and generate a feedback based on the user’s behaviour.

Remote research

We provide with remote interviews for you if you need rich data from across all your users in the world in a short span of time.

Usability Testing

By conducting a series of well defined steps, we help you understand the effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy and user friendliness of your product.

A/B Testing

We help you find which version of your website has better conversion rates by A/B testing. It will help you focus more on that particular design.

Expert reviews

With the help of our UX experts and their opinions, we are able to greatly enhance the UX of the users while using your products.

Join us in our mission to satisfy each and every user you have!