If you can tell an interesting story you can pretty much get anyone hooked especially if the story teller is your customer. The best reviews about your products come from the legit users of your products.

Lemon Yellow gives special importance to user stories as they are a way your potential customers will judge your product. User stories are a brief description of the user and the users’ needs.

We use the users’ needs and turn them into stories that answer:

  1. What your product will do?
  2. The kind of UX they had while using the product.
  3. The way your product solved the user’s problems.

We also create longer and more descriptive form of user stories called user scenarios which will answer the questions like, what does the user do with your product and why they do it? We create the scenario in such a way that it clearly defines what your product does and how it will help users solve their current problems. This is a great way to target your potential customers as they would trust the opinion of a fellow customer about his experience with your product.

Below listed are just some of the important considerations we keep in mind while creating your user’s stories:

  • We collaborate with your stakeholders not the developers to write the user stories as they’re the domain experts.
  • We remember the non functional requirements of your product, which can be used to modify the user story depending upon different requirements.