Since User Delight is the main motto of our company, we want to make sure that your users have the best possible experience from your products. We help you understand how users and technology interact with each other; this would enable you to give your users the best possible experience that they can ask for. Our goal is to create engaging interfaces that your users are able to achieve their objective in the best possible way. We do this by focussing primarily on components like:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Sound
  3. Space
  4. Colors
  5. Motions involved in the usage of the interface of your product.

Our set of methodologies in interaction design help you serve better:

Goal Driven Design

The entire design team at Lemon Yellow is focused on the modern goal driven designing process so that specific needs and desires of the end user are satisfied as opposed to working in the traditional designing process which focused more on the technological side of designing.


The most important question our designers ask themselves is “Is this product easy to use?” We design products that would let users learn and navigate through the interface with ease, let users interact with the product in many different ways possible; we also develop a robust support system for the product that we design.

The 5 Dimensions

To actually create very engaging interfaces we follow the 5 simple steps

  • Simple words that communicate information easily
  • Moderated use of visual graphics to keep the users hooked
  • Desiging interfaces that are easy to interact with using hardware
  • In order to have more fluidity the interface should take very less time between transition from one window face to another
  • The user should feel emotions of happiness when they use your product. Studying human behaviour is very important when it comes to designing amazing UX.